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Get ready to join the best educational institutions of America with Ivy League Edu!

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Ivy League Edu

Is an educational center of preparing candidates for admission to top universities and schools in the United States using the most effective methods and resources.

Our specialization is effective preparation of high-quality for SSAT, ISEE, ACT, SAT 1 and SAT 2 tests.

We provide individual assistance in choosing educational institution, writing essay, passing interview, completing receiving documents, etc.

Our instructors are graduaters from American educational institutions with personal high scores on tests, as well as high experienced teachers from Kazakhstan who prepare students for various subject competitions.

We practise various forms of lessons – a personal meeting with a teacher in our center, online training with instructors from the USA, individual studing, classes in mini-groups, a combination of these forms as well.

Class rooms are equipped with projectors, computers, video surveillance and all necessary educational materials.

What we are working on:

Excellent English

High test scores

Creative and self-written essay

Interesting interview

Good knowledge of mathematics and basic subjects

Achievements in the interests and hobbies

Today, competition among applicants is so tense that a lack of even one of these aspects dramatically reduces the candidate’s chances of entering.

Ivy League Education offers comprehensive training, helping the Candidate to reach their maximum potential of knowledge in each of these areas.

What we offer:

Individual counsulting

Navigating US Education Clients
Analysis of the candidate’s potential with the diagnosis of knowledge, other parties and interests.
Selection of optimal options for educational institutions
Development of an individual admission strategy

Preparing for the test

General principles, strategy and time management

Determining the optimal method of preparation

Regular training for each section of the test

Work on weaknesses and test results

Coaching for essays and interviews

Brainstorming to develop creativity
The ability to present your best qualities
Analysis of outstanding essay and interview samples
Practicing writing techniques and rhetoric
Work on grammar and turn of speech

Summer programs in the USA and Almaty

An organic combination of pleasant with useful
Effective way to prepare for tests
Identifying your interests and potential
Teamwork, leadership development
Beginning of adaptation to study in the USA

Assistance for application

Acquaintance with acceptance requirements
Correct filling of the reception graph and questionnaires
Timely collection of necessary documents
Proper presentation of all materials in
in electronic format

Basic knowledge

Increase the level of knowledge in mathematics, English
language, physics and other basic subjects in
fascinating form
Participation in various subject Olympiads and
competitions (counted upon admission)

Accompaning a student in the learning process

Monitoring academic progress and extracurricular
Regular contact with the school and
Corrective Tips for Students and Parents

Facilitate the transfer from one US institution to another

Help in choosing a more suitable school
considering program compatibility
Organization of extra classes and trainings,
including admission interview
Assistance in collecting and drafting documents

Corporate English language training

Courses for corporate clients
The programs are designed for development.
professional level of employees
Business English for meetings, negotiations and

Strategic plan

We assist in determining the long-term educational goal of the Candidate, developing a strategy and plan for moving towards it. Clients are provided with the results of assessment and analysis, discuss the educational goals of the Candidate with the definition of a list of the most appropriate educational institutions. It ends with the development of an individual strategy and a plan for achieving an educational goal with recommendations and a schedule of specific classes on additional development and out-of-school programs required for admission to selected educational institutions.


Top experts

Our teachers from both America and Kazakhstan have high personal and professional achievements. Their students became winners of various subject olympiads, as well as students and graduates of the most prestigious US educational institutions, including Philips Andover Academy, Milton Academy, WITH, Harvard University, Stanford University etc.

Flexibility in the organization of classes

Along with face-to-face classes with a teacher, we organize interactive online training. This makes it possible not only to study at a time convenient for you, combining comfortable home conditions with saving time and money to get around the city, but also to have access to classes with instructors who are world-class professionals. We provide both individual and mini-group classes, as well as an optimal combination of various forms, which allows you to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Personal experience of the founders and teachers

Practically each of us passed the tests, passed the procedures for admission to American educational institutions, or collaborated with admissions committees. Thanks to our experience, we know what will really help you in achieving your goal, and what will be a waste of resources.


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