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This way will open up brilliant opportunities to achieve your dream! Every year, more than 1 million foreigners rush into the United States in order to obtain diplomas from schools and universities.

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International students come to the United States to get an internationally recognized diploma, which is valued by employers in many countries. Higher education in this country is recognized as one of the highest quality in the world: according to the Times Higher Education educational rating, 7 American universities are among the best 10 universities in the world.

Education in the United States provides an opportunity to study a wide range of specialties, to engage in science and build a successful international career.

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Admission to US schools (Application process) 

Entering top the US schools and universities is often a complex and lengthy process.

Each element in this process plays a special role.

Admissions commissions want to make a comprehensive picture of what is coming.


  • Consider various factors (rating, specialization, geography, finance, etc, e.)
  • Apply to several establishments, including the option “for sure” (safety)
  • The process begins in advance to be in time for the deadline for accepting applications (December-January)


  • Past Grades
  • Test results (SSAT, SAT / ACT, and TOEFL for those who have not studied in an English-speaking school)
  • One or more introductory essays (Essay) on given topics
  • Recommendations of teachers and other persons


  • Participation in competitions, competitions, clubs, participation in volunteer and other activities (Activities)
  • Interview
  • Some HEIs draw attention to the results of passing subject tests (SAT subject tests)


Experts from American educational institutions will help with writing a motivational letter, adjusting the recommender. Usually, the applicant enters the university in general, and not to a specific department. The student chooses his specialization within 1-2 courses. You can study for one or several major (major) and additional (minor) specialties.

Attending each course gives a certain number of credits (points) — in proportion to the hours of work per week on this course. The student can choose his own courses freely, but he must earn more than the minimum and fulfill the requirements of the university in his specialty, which can be fulfilled at any time before graduation. Grades (A, B, C, D or 4,3,2,1) are set by semester by summing up in% the results of examinations that are taken in the middle (midterms) and at the end of the semester (finals). Also, final assignments count homework, projects, presentations, essays, etc., which is important in the application process. Also help in preparing for an interview at US universities.


Higher positions in the world rankings brought to American universities the deserved fame of the best in the world. Such ratings take into account the level of educational services, the quality of research and development activities, contribution to innovation, the opinion of employers, etc. Thousands of higher education institutions around the world are evaluated annually on the basis of a stat. analysis and survey of tens of thousands of experts and employers. Ratings of specific programs, faculties and schools are also important. QS World University Rankings QS World University Rankings

(https://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/world-university-rankings/2016), The World University Rankings and Academic Ranking of World Universities are considered the most influential. With all the differences of opinion on accuracy, ranking helps to navigate well when choosing universities.


Undergraduate — course with a typical 4 years study period

Graduate — Master’s Degree (MBA, MF, MS). Study period 1-2 years.

Postgraduate — Diploma of Doctor (PhD). Study period more than 3 years.

Usually, Americans call all colleges, even if they are universities. However, colleges, as a rule, do not have their own scientific programs, and they mainly teach related disciplines there. Colleges can be both independent (Boston College, Wellesley), and as part of universities (Harvard College). The category of universities does not include the so-called community college — 2-year Susa, where they do not issue bachelor’s degrees. Universities are private (Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, etc.) and state-owned (University of Pennsylvania, Texas, California, etc.).

Secondary education in the United States consists of:

Elementary School — Primary school accepts children from 5 years;

Middle School — High School teaches from 5-6 to 8 grades;

High School — The Higher (Senior) School is grades 9-10-11-12, which are usually completed at the age of 18.

In high school, students can choose their classes more freely, and to receive a high school diploma, they must fulfill the minimum criteria set by the school board. Typically, these are natural sciences, mathematics, English, humanities, physical education, and health. Optional subjects include foreign languages, art, computers and other sciences. Students can also take one or more of the subjects studied from the Advanced Placement Program (AP program), which has a higher level of teaching and corresponds to the initial courses of universities, and therefore is taken into account by their admission commissions.


The works help to select the most original and inventive students. Therefore, writing creative and impressive works takes a lot of energy. The recommendations of the teachers are very important, as they help to judge both talent, and diligence, and other qualities of the candidate. Candidates are often interviewed by graduates of these same schools. Educational institutions often pay attention to out-of-school interests and the achievements of applicants in sports, art, and social work. Take the initiative and those who will add brightness and diversity in the life of the institution. They also look at the area of achievement: an athlete involved in sports, where the school / university lacks participants, or a musician who plays the necessary instrument can be selected, even if the other abilities are not impressive.

Choosing University in the USA

It is a program for you or your child. There are many factors in the United States of America. Where the rating is not the most decisive.
Universities with which we cooperate

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Interesting Facts

41 universities from the top 100 best universities in the world are located in the USA (Times Higher Education, 2017)

the country ranks 2nd in the number of higher education institutions after India

Almost half of Nobel laureates are graduates of American universities

About 500,000 international students graduate in America each year.

Studying in America - an investment in the future

All universities are private educational institutions, so higher education in the country is paid. However, all investments, as a rule, pay off at the beginning of the graduate’s career path — during the first years of work.

The most successful students can get scholarships, which partially or fully cover the financial costs of training.

The cost of education depends on the university chosen and on average is $ 22,000-60000.

The benefits of studying at American university

wide range of specialties to study

equipment with the latest technology

wide research base and opportunities for scientific work

practice and internships during training

cooperation with leaders in various industries

internationally recognized diploma

Excellent career prospects for graduates

Graduates who do not have US citizenship have the opportunity to work in the country on a student visa immediately after graduation.

Alumni of American universities work at

If you are interested in education in the United States, leave a request

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American universities have very high requirements for applicants. Due to a number of features of the educational system, foreign students find it difficult to pass the entrance examinations and enroll in a university immediately from school. In order to enter US universities, Kazakh students have to spend a large amount of time for preparing and tutoring classes. One year after receiving the school leaving certificate, the children enter the first year of university on a general basis, and not always successfully.

American universities help qualified applicants to fill gaps in academic preparation without losing precious time. On the basis of many universities, specialized training programs for the university and adaptation to the unusual system of education are taking place.

The purpose of the preparatory program is to help a foreign student in 2-3 semesters to improve their knowledge of language and / or academic subjects, and then continue their studies immediately in the second year of undergraduate studies in the chosen specialty.

Preparation according to the specialized program:

studying on campus with American students as part of an international group

first year curriculum

extended language and / or academic support

moral support and assistance in adaptation

study in small groups

cultural and entertainment program for exploring the country and the university

Undergraduate Programs

Preparing for the graduate program at the university

If you already have a bachelor’s degree and you plan to continue studying in the graduate program, preparatory programs on the basis of universities will help you in 1-2 semesters to improve your knowledge of English and subjects. Training in the university and in the environment of native speakers will quickly bring you up to date, prepare you for school and help you to enter than classes with tutors at home.

Pre-graduate programs

Expert assistance in choosing a university

In the US, there are more than 4,800 universities. When choosing an educational institution, it is necessary to take into account various factors. Rating is not the main criterion, because the applicant must choose the university in which he can achieve maximum results.

Ivy League Education specialists will help you choose an educational institution with a preparatory program for foreign students that is right for you or your child and will allow them to reveal their abilities and talents. United States — one of the priorities of the company. Among our partners are prestigious universities, in which it is difficult for Kazakhstan applicants to enter independently and without thorough preparation.

Learn about all the intricacies of American higher education. We will give expert advice on:

educational system

features of American universities

entrance tests and training programs

visa and documents for admission

the cost of undergraduate and graduate

stay during training

graduate prospects


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